Sonntag, 28. August 2011

day 3

Your favorite characters (and which books they’re from).
Okay, at first there are a few characters from Harry Potter (of course)
I really loved:
Sirius Black - because he gave Harry so much hope and I cried for days when he died ;
Dobby - he was so great! He just did a great job and was so amazing, I have no words for that ;
Severus Snape - such a brave man!! I never thought I could like you though;
Fred - I don't want to blab something out because Lea's reading the books at the moment so this is all I can give to you: ♥ (and you really deserve it!) ;
Nymphadora Tonks - she was so funny and brave and would've been the best mum for Teddy, i'm sure ;
last but not least: Ron. My heart is yours since 'Why couldn't it have been follow the butterflies?' (:

from other books:
Buttercup (The Princess Bride) - for no reason, I just like you.
Liesel Meminger (The Book Thief) - a brave girl who loved books. You just have to love her.
Oskar Schell (Extremely loud and incredibly close) - a pacifist, a vegan, a tambourine- player, academically inclined and just great.


  1. ich hab mich vergekracht vor lachen, als ron das im film gesagt hat. das ist wirklich eine meine liebsten sätze, wenns um die harry potter teile geht xDDD

  2. Was ist an pissenden Typen denn nice? :O
    ich finde das eher eklig, das die alles anpissen müssen..