Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

excitement - berlin 2012!

yeah, my room is messy. get over it.  i just finished planning my easter holiday, my hostfamily is going to germany and i have 4 days off, so i'll SPENT THIS TIME IN BERLIN! visiting a veryvery good friend of mine that I haven't seen in aaages. The best part about this is that a good friend is coming to visit me in London 2 days before that and then we're flying to Berlin together and spent our time in Berlin together as well. And because that's not enough awesomeness: 3 other friends that I haven't seen since they finished school, which was like 2/3 years ago, are coming as well, to visit the friend where i'm going to stay. So basically this is like a meeting of all of my friends. they're all from my home town but the only one who is actually still living there is the friend who's going to visit me in London, so they're coming from everywhere. Confusing, I know. But SO AWESOME! I'm so excited and I (literally) can't hide it! I could jump up and down and up again. So, i know it's a long time until April and I guess no one really reads what I'm writing under my pictures, but is anyone interested in meeting up while i'm there? I'll probably be there from the 6th of April until the 9th. Just tell me. WUAARHHH! YES! :) ♥


  1. hey :) i just want to leave a comment here to show you that there are some people out there who read your nice posts.

    I'm really happy for you :) Enjoy your time with your friends :)

    Aaaand, i'm in class 11 in a grammar school in Germany and i actually don't know why i write here in English :D Mabye i can send you a message cause i'd love to ask you some question about being a au-pair cause i want to do the same after i got the a-level. xo Anne

  2. Nee, die hab ich noch nicht gelesen! Abr danke für den Tipp!
    Oh schön Berlin! Da bist du bei mir. ;)

    Hab übrigens grad eine Aktion auf meinen Blog. Vielleicht hast du ja Interesse deine Frage dazu zu schreiben. ;)

  3. dann machen wir pardey in london! :D

  4. Verdammt, schade dass ich zu der Zeit nicht in Berlin bin, dich hätte ich echt gern mal getroffen!