Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

blogparade: we love tea

organized by Provinzkindchen

I really like the idea, especially because I'm in a country where tea is really important in every day life. :) Even though the '5'o clock tea' isn't as popular as everyone says, tea is still something that basically everyone in England consumes everyday. I find myself drinking more than 5 cups of tea a day, and most of the time it's this tea:

which is just the tea that everyone drinks. It doesn't even have a real name here, it's just tea. I'm just this stupid german girl asking 'What kind of tea would you like?' -'Ehr, just tea please!' - it's really confusing me, so if I ask someone what kind of tea that like and they say 'just tea' I say 'okay, teatea it is.'. I kinda invented that with my kids, most of the time they just say 'I would like to have teatea please' so I know which tea they want. (Yes there is also other tea. But this is THE tea.) For people from other countries: It's black tea. Simple, black tea. And I drink it with milk, no sugar.  But here is the most awesome thing about English tea:
the tea bags! Oh gosh, they're heaven for tea lovers. You put them in, wait for like 1-2 minutes and the tea is done. No, I didn't forget a number. ONE, MAYBE TWO MINUTES! TOPS! AND YOUR TEA IS DONE!
Yeah, I love it. This is basically the reason why I drink so much tea. It's so fast and easy and tasty and it keeps me running. Without tea I feel.. empty. And slow. I need tea.
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What is your favourite tea? :)


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