Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

project 2012 //the start

maybe you've seen this post where I introduced you to my project 2012 - to make sure this year is going to be amazing, so I can be proud of myself. It's not that I'm not proud of the last year, but despite the fact that I finished my A-levels and moved to England it wasn't really my best year. Since I have a plan now, I discovered  that I'm definitely more focussed on the stuff that I really want and I want you to know how everything's going on so far. It has only been 23 days of 2012 but I think I made a pretty good start! I'm going to create a page where I'm going to document everything I say about this project, so yeah.
Now I just want to talk about the points that I've been working on.

1. being more organized!
I'm doing so good on this point, even though I thought this might be the hardest thing to do. It's not! I kept my room clean this year (which is really remarkable. My room is always messy. Not only a little bit, I mean like REALLY messy.) and I realized it's quite fun to do the laundry, so I do it nearly every day now. I always find dirty laundry. I developed a superpower. I'm the laundrywoman.

3. writing my diary
I'm quite good here as well. It's not as successful as the first point but still: I'm doing it. I'm writing about everything that seems to be interesting enough to write it down. 

7. travelling
I recently planned trips to Edingburgh, Brighton and Paris. Yes! Well, Paris isn't actually planned yet, but I really want to go to Disneyland and a few friends want to go to Paris anyway, so I'm going to force them to come with me. Who needs the Eiffeltower if they have Disneyland?! 

8.more concerts
:)! I love this point. On saturday I booked tickets for an Example concert in April and I'm really excited! Furthermore I'm going to the Area 4 festival with two friends of mine, and one of them is a swedish friend who's going to visit me in Germany for that! We don't have the tickets yet, but we're definitely going. So looking forward to it :) 

12. donate
It's easier than you'd think. As soon as you're like 'I'd really like to donate money for a good cause' you see this stuff everywhere! I always have loads of change in my pocket, so instead of randomly spending it, I use it for this. Yesterday I donated 5 pound for the homeless! :) It's a good start I think. As soon as I'm back in Germany I'd like to donate on a regularly basis though. Like, every month instead of 'oh when I see it, I'll donate' .

13. sports
I joined the gym, haha! The first time EVER that I've done that. But it's quite exciting. I'm going with a friend so I have someone who's forcing me to go if I really don't want to, which helps me quite a lot. At the moment I'm still very motivated, but I'm sure this won't last forever as I'm a really lazy person. 

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